April 2016: CEAGAR Guest Lecturer: Sebastian Deterding

CEAGAR Guest Lecturer: Sebastian Deterding / 15th of April 2016: 10-11

Alborg University, Copenhagen. ROOM: ACM auditorium.
Title: Outside the Box: Toward an Ecology of Gaming Enjoyment


Gamification is a debated catchword in applied games. Instead of building full-fledged games, it embeds design elements from games in other, non-play contexts to make them just as motivating and engaging as games. In this, gamification – like much of contemporary game research – is thinking “inside the box”: Narrowly focused on the game as an object, it ignores how much the enjoyment of gameplay depends on the interaction of game object and play context. Drawing on his current research, Sebastian Deterding will outline three such socio-material dynamics underlying gameplay enjoyment, and how to translate them into formats useful for designers.Sebastian Deterding is a researcher and designer working on gameful and playful experiences for human flourishing. He is a reader at the Digital Creativity Hub at the University of York, organizer of the Gamification Research Network, and co-editor of “The Gameful World” (MIT Press, 2015). With the international design agencies Hubbub and coding conduct, he has created engaging experiences touching millions of users for clients including the BBC, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Greenpeace, KLM, Novartis, and numerous startups. An internationally sought-after speaker, he has been invited to speak and keynote at venues like Lift, Interaction, GDC, Games Learning Society, Web Directions, Playful, Google, IDEO, and Microsoft Research. He lives online at http://codingconduct.cc.
Please sign up for participation via the following link: https://goo.gl/OTYSKp

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