The Game Lab


The Game Lab at Aalborg University, Copenhagen is used for designing, developing and evaluating games and interactive experiences based on game technologies.
The Game Lab offers equipment and software which is useful when implementing and testing games and contains 27″ iMacs and PCs with CryEngine, Unreal, Autodesk and Unity Pro Licences installed.
There is also access to an X-Box One with Kinect and Playstation 2+3+4 consoles as well as a range of digital and board games.
Games which use the NAOS QG Galvanic Skin Response mouse, the Empatica Wristband or Eyetribe eyetrackers may be developed and tested in the Lab.
Furthermore, sponsors have provided us with: 8 Leap Motions, 28 Samsung Tablets, Nexus tablets, Oculus Rift DK2s, Samsung Gear S watches, and a Dreamoc HD3 holographic display (additional hardware deals are currently being negotiated).

Location, The Game Lab:
Frederikskaj 12, 2nd floor. (Sharing location with the Computer Graphics Lab)

Contacts, The Game Lab:
Henrik Sch√łnau Fog.
Lars Reng.