Researcher: Thomas Duus Henriksen

Foto Thomas Duus CEAGAR_ver2
Thomas Duus Henriksen (M.Sc. Psych, PhD, EBA), Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University.

Organisational Development, Business Psychology, Learning Games, Internal Communication, Business Models, Didactic Design, Leadership Education, Organisational Processes, 
Data Science, Game Analytics, Behavioral Profiling.

Primary interest concerns how learning games and simulations can be developed and didactically designed for facilitating the development of organisational processes, involving internal communication, leadership training, organisational change and learning, and adult learning processes. Current research addresses the adjustment cost of organisational change, the use of metaphors in organisational development, and the use of participatory incentives in game-based learning processes.

More information and contact: Thomas Duus Henriksen, AAU.

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