Researcher: Thorkild Hanghøj

Foto Thorkild Hanghøj CEAGAR_ver2
Thorkild Hanghøj is Associate Professor at the Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

Affiliated with ILD: Research Lab on ICT and Learning Design. He has more than 10 years of experience researching both analogue and digital forms of game-based learning (GBL) in various formal educational settings with an emphasis on the use of games in schools. More specifically, Dr. Hanghøj’s research has focused on the crucial role of the teacher in terms of translating games into curricular aims and pedagogical practices. This has lead to the development of a theory of scenario-based education, which describes the dynamic interplay of knowledge practices in educational gaming. Thorkild has been involved in a number of design-based research projects on a broad range of different games such as The Power Game (ICT-supported debate game), Global Conflicts (serious game), Minecraft (sandbox game), Tough Road (ICT-supported role-playing game), and Torchlight II (online action role-playing game). Moreover, he has also researched the use of games use and Problem-Based Game Design in teacher education. He is currently leading a major research project entitled “The School at Play” on the use of commercial games and game dynamics, which targets middle school students in learning difficulties within the subjects Danish and Mathematics.

More information and contact: Thorkild Hanghøj, AAU

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