Researcher: Thomas Bjørner

Foto Thomas Bjørner CEAGAR_ver2
Thomas Bjørner, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University.

Qualitative research, Mixed Methods, Media use, Public spaces, E-sport

My main scientific competences are within qualitative research advancements, which also imply a mixed method strategy. My research addresses besides methodological issues within interviews, observations, field studies and user evaluations also the characterisation of media usages in different contexts. My research has especially used cases within the fields of E-sport, mobility, media communication, television studies and learning and more recently also health nutrition. Since 2007 I have been vice chairman in the research network for qualitative methods and a board member of the research network for mobile communication. Current workpage leader within a large research project called Eldorado, which aim is to prevent malnutrition among elderly. One element within this is also finding solutions within serious games.

More information and contact: Thomas Bjørner, AAU.

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