Researcher: Sune Gudiksen

Foto Sune Gudiksen CEAGAR_ver2
Sune Gudiksen, Assistant professor, Department of communication and psychology, Aalborg University

Game tools, Games for change, Game-based learning and reflections, Games as a vehicle for design and and change

Sune Gudiksen is assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University, in Aalborg. He has a Ph.D. in Co-design of service, business models and organisational change. Physical game tools is his preferred medium for communication, mediation and change in projects with many stakeholders having various interests at stake. Sometimes the physical game tools also has a digital component either in a full simulation or as a supporting element for the physical game tools. Sune is one of those designer-researcher who both develop/design games and conduct research related to this. He has contributed with articles and conference papers on these topics in influential international journals.

More information and contact: Sune Gudiksen, AAU. 

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