Researcher: Henrik Schønau Fog

Henrik Schønau-Fog. Associate Professor, PhD.

Department of Architecture Design and Media Technology. Section of Medialogy, Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

Game Development, Game Design, Interactive Digtial Storytelling, Engagement, Motivation, Conation, Gamification, AV production, Production-Oriented Problem-based Projectwork. Challenge-based learning, Motivation-based Learning.

Henrik Schønau­-Fog is an Assistant Professor at the department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University, Copenhagen and a co-­director of CEAGAR. His research interests are motivational factors, gamification and measurement of engagement in digital games and interactive media. Henrik is also working with the design and development of interactive storyworlds, purposive games and games for learning. He is furthermore using game enhanced learning models and game design and ­development to motivate for learning in the classroom. Moreover, he teaches and supervises projects in the fields of games, interactive storytelling, emergent narratives, animation and media technologies. Henrik also has a background as entrepreneur, helping to start up several companies, including Scandinavia’s first motion capture studio, MoCap Copenhagen.

More information and contact: Henrik Schønau Fog, AAU

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