Researcher: Anthony Lewis Brooks

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Dr Anthony Lewis Brooks (aka Tony) PhD, 
Professor (Associate) & Director SensoramaLab, Aalborg University.

GameAbilitation®; Games for Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life; Alternative Rehabilitation through games and creativity; Human behaviour; Alternative (Virtual) Reality; HCI; Interaction Design; Plasticity ; Afferent Efferent Neural feedback loop closure; Disruption; ArtAbilitation; Ludic Engagement Designs for All (LEDA).

Denmark’s only exhibitor in the first art exhibition in space (interactive art game image JAXA) is also an active international keynote speaker (e.g. ICAT2006; ITAG13; AIRtech 2011; ITA13; Intetain2015; REHAB 2016. Masterclasses include TIMM2011 CUTE2015. Books include Technologies of Inclusive Well-Being: Serious Games, Alternative Realities, and Play Therapy. Consultant and Member of the original Medialogy education founding group as Associate Professor, Brooks is appointed European Commission (Brussels/Luxembourg) expert examiner, rapporteur, and panel reviewer under Future Emerging Technologies (FP6 / FP7) and Horizon 2020 calls (most recent being the Advanced digital gaming/gamification technologies ICT-21-2014 – and Presenccia panel). Steering leader of the ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation international conference that realises a Springer book and special issue journals. Board/committee member of numerous journals and conferences e.g. ECGBL; Serious Games; Games for Health …Research responsible for national (DK – e.g. home internet-based telehealth project) and international (EU – e.g. CREATE [EU Framework V IST] for “Elderly and Persons with Disability”) projects resulting in patents, creative industry initiatives (SMEs) and commercial products (e.g. game-based visual computer feedback training system evaluated as giving a marked improvement up to 400% in training specific performance; see randomized intervention study by Hagedorn & Holm [2010]). National and International awards have been awarded for his contribution. (e.g. Vanførefonden Forskerprisen; EUREKA and The European Brokerage Event on Applied Multimedia [BAM]). Danish/International TV/Press Media Clips)

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