Researcher: Olga Timcenko

Foto Olga Timcenko CEAGAR_ver2
Olga Timcenko, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

Technology enhanced learning, user interfaces, edutainment.

Olga Timcenko  holds a PhD in robot control, but has researched for many years in virtual environments and user interfaces for educational purposes, as a member of the LEGO Systems, Billund (DK) Business development unit, where she worked on projects like LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO Universe. She was the LEGO team lead in the FP6 EU Network of Excellence KALEIDOSCOPE: Concepts and Methods for Exploring the Future of Learning with Digital Technologies (2004-07), where she participated in several JERPs. After joining the Media Technology department of Aalborg University in 2006 as Associate Professor, she focused her research on technology enhanced teaching and learning, especially mathematics at university level. She was a member of LEAF РNordic research network for Learning Ecosystems and Activities of the Future (2010-2012), and now she is a member of ReCreate research center. She is author / co-author of more than 50 conference and journal papers in the field of robotics and children and technology, and of four international patents in the field of virtual 3D worlds / 3D user interfaces.

More information and contact: Olga Timcenko, AAU.

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