Researcher: Noor Shaker

Foto Noor Shaker CEAGAR_ver2
Noor Shaker, Dr., Postdoc researcher, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Section Medialogy, Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

Procedural content generation, player modeling, affect detection, active learning, player profilying.

Noor Shaker is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Culture and Games at IT University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include player modeling, procedural content generation, computational creativity, affective computing and player behavior imitation. She is organizing the Platformerai competition, chairing the IEEE task force on Player Modeling and a speaker and a chair of the Procedural Content Generation track at, the largest worldwide event dedicated to the topic of artificial intelligence applications in creative industries. She is the main author of “Procedural Content Generation in Games: A textbook and an overview of current research”. Her research work was recognized with the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games Outstanding Paper Award, a best paper award and six nominations for best paper awards.

More information and contact: Noor Shaker, AAU.

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