Researcher: Hendrik Knoche

Foto Hendrik Knoche CEAGAR_ver2
Hendrik Knoche (MSc, PhD CS), Assistant Professor, Department Architecture Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University.

Games for (self )rehabilitation, adaptive interfaces, ICT4D, Quality of Experience, User Experience.

Hendrik has worked on interaction design and user experience both on desktop and mobile devices for more than ten years in industry and academia in various domains including games, mobile social networking, automated content adaptation, video quality. His research interests include human-centered design, mediated experiences, and ICT for inclusion, rehabilitation and development, and methods for prototyping and evaluating applications along with understanding and modeling their user experiences “in the wild”. To this end, he’s working on user adaptable interactions and experiences based on multi-modal usage models and user data including e.g. interaction and game metrics, physiological data and eye-tracking.

More information and contact: Hendrik Knoche, AAU.

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