Researcher: Heidi Hautopp

Foto Heidi Hautopp CEAGAR_ver2
Heidi Hautopp, Research Assistant, Department of Learning and Philosophy,  Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

Game Based Learning, Educational design, Gamification, Games and Culture, Game Based Language learning

Heidi Hautopp is a Research Assistant at the Department of Learning and Philosophy at Aalborg University Copenhagen, AAU. In her master she wrote about game based language learning for bilingual adults and she has a particular research interest in how games may be used to teach language and cultural themes. Likewise, she has an interest in investigation of the teachers shifting roles in order to connect educational games and curricular aims with students’ game experiences and the classroom context. She has been assisting a research project where
Minecraft was used for educational purposes, and she also work as a freelance consultant at Amazing Rocket, which is a company developing gamification strategies for other companies.

More information and contact: Heidi Hautopp, AAU

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