Project Market

This page is intended to connect students, researchers, industry and institutions to work on cross-disciplinary and game related projects  through project proposals from other researchers, companies, institutions and students from other studies.


If you have an interesting project proposal, please send max 10 lines, and contact name & email to Henrik Schønau-Fog: hsf[a]

Making an addictive math game: Research, design, develop and evaluate an engaging math game with experts from research, industry and public schools (with the possibility to work with teachers and to test with pupils in several public schools in Copenhagen). Only for students at AAU CPH. Contact: Henrik Schønau-Fog: hsf[a]

Interactive visualization of player behavior in online games: This project will aim at investigating how spatio-temporal analysis and visualization can be brought into the games domain. The project is very open, but e.g. datasets on the distribution of players in MMOGs are available to work with, e.g. for exploring density distributions of players. Contact: Anders Drachen, drachen[a]

Board and Digital Game Hybrids: Work closely with an international renowned board game developer to develop novel hybrids (analogue and digital) of their board games. Compare traditional board games with the new hybrids, evaluate with several users and discuss the results with experts from the company. Only for Medialogy students at AAU CPH.  Contact: Henrik Schønau-Fog: hsf[a]

Visualizing player behavior in e-sports: This project will focus on extracting behavioral data from e-sports games and explore ways to analyze, condense, classify and visualize how people play these games in a way that provides actionable insights to game developers and players alike, e.g. for exploring player strategies. Contact: Anders Drachen, drachen[a]

The anti-stress game: Can a game be relaxing, while still being engaging? Use the new E4 wristband to develop an adaptive game, while investigating player experiences through skin temperature, galvanic skin response, accelerometer, pulse and heart rate variability. Eyetracking devices from The EyeTribe  may also be used for feedback. Only for Medialogy students at AAU CPH. Contact: Henrik Schønau-Fog: hsf[a]

Player progression in computer games: From the minute the player enters the game until they leave, players progress along different dimensions of the game – content explored, score, story experienced, levels passed, etc. Progression is a complex construct because it can have multiple dimensions (time, content, story ….) and be measured in different ways (wealth, victories, XP, levels …). This makes developing broadly applicable visualization techniques challenging. This project will focus on developing new techniques – or adopting existing within games – for the analysis and visualization of progression data. Contact: Anders Drachen, drachen[a]

Game Forum Mining for Recommendation: Computer and video games are a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down more games are being produced and released each year. This has increased the importance of efficient mechanisms for discovery which new games to play. In this case, students will examine gaming forums, such as the Steam forums to determine how people search for which games to play next and which criteria make games relevant to people. Such knowledge of how people search for game recommendations is necessary to develop better video game recommendation systems. Contact: Anders Drachen, drachen[a]

Analyzing Game Engagement Behavior: One of the biggest mobile game developers in the world are looking for students who want to work with them on getting a better understanding of how people engage with and play their games: some users tend to stick a small handful of games, whereas other users tend to spread their playing time over a much larger number of games. Students would be expected to analyze the different types of gamers for a specific game and come up with designs for using this knowledge to increase the engagement with one or more games. User experience and user testing are important components in this project. Contact: Anders Drachen, drachen[a]

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